I began my journey with Audrey 6 months ago. As someone suffering from severe endometriosis, I am no stranger to terrible cramps during my period and severe PMS. My husband and I have also been trying to start our little family for many years but my body simply won’t play along. Audrey’s guided approach considered my diet and my lifestyle as a tailored approach for my body. Within 4 weeks of working with Audrey and changing my diet, I no longer suffer from pain during my period and since then my body continues to feel strong, healthy and pain free. This is the first time in more than 10 years!!
My biggest AHA moment was when I strayed away from the protocol for a few weeks and my body responded and flaired up. It showed me the power of putting the best into your body.
As a result of what feels like guided holistic therapy with Audrey, I’ve also realized that my body needs to heal before making space for a little human.

Audrey is warm, kind and knowledgeable. She truly listens and responds with solutions from better sleep management, relaxation and stress management to diet – a holistic approach. I am extremely grateful for the work we have done together and her support in healing my body and my mind