Hello, my name is Audrey Dickinson, a qualified Nutritional Therapist and registered member of Nutritional Therapist of Ireland (NTOI).  I studied with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (IINH), in Bray, Wicklow for 3 1/2 years, where I received a distinction from my Nutritional Science and Therapeutic Diploma.

Originally from Scotland, my food at home was always very simple, clean and healthy. My parents weren’t keen on spending to much time in the kitchen and my earliest memories of food, was helping my aunt make her famous pancakes and other delicious treats in her kitchen. Sugar was normally held to a minimum within our diets and my mother was very successful in instilling a strong awareness of maintaining a healthy, positive attitude towards food.

Audrey Dickinson Nourish en Flourish

Choosing natural, fresh wholefoods sets the foundations for robust and abundant health!

It wasn’t until decades later while living in Sri Lanka, that I began to learn more about a different food culture and their beliefs in Ayurvedic medicine to support and protect the body from inflammatory conditions. Their spice gardens full of curry leaf trees, limes, pepper plants, cardamom pods and cinnamon bark intrigued me and I developed a deep passion to understand more about the interplay between body systems, food, environment, genetics, and physiological processes .

Adding to this, I had been fortunate to have worked with very talented chefs throughout my travels and had learnt invaluable cooking skills that could be transferred to creating various exciting, informative workshops within different professional settings. I continue to develop my skills and keep my knowledge up to date by attending regular training courses and nutrition research events.

Since arriving in Europe, I have worked in cafes and restaurants and have been involved in creating healthy balanced menus for children in daycare settings. I have a full spectrum of experience with various types of individuals and want to share my knowledge and empower others to make better, informed choices, support them in achieving their optimal health!

My special area of interest lies within women’s health, fertility, gut health and supporting children in their development.