"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."

Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Would you like the opportunity to quickly discuss any questions you may have regarding the services provided and find out if Nutritional Therapy is something for you?

Refresh & Reboot – 45min consultation, € 70

This consultation is suitable for those who are searching for direction when it comes to making smart and informed good food choices.

You are someone who may want to increase your energy, improve your skin health and already feel that you understand how to maintain good metabolic health. With a few tweaks here and there, you will have grasped the concept of optimal, holistic health without needing any additional support and are confident that you have what it takes to stay at the top of your game. 


Make the Change – 90min consultation, €125

Having completed an in-depth questionnaire in advance, the therapist and client will come together, preferably within a live session, to discuss their health concerns and goals and what changes the client would like to achieve.

Within this calm and supportive environment, the therapist will encourage the client to share their life experiences and struggles to help get to the root cause of their health complaints. The aim of this session is to provide the client with manageable tools and tips to help kick start their road to healing through natural, whole foods and an new understanding of their own body.

A supplement protocol may be provided if it is felt necessary to initially support their absorption of nutrients until some of their symptoms reduce.

Follow up appointments are normally recommended to take place 4-6 weeks later if symptoms persist and further investigation is need through functional diagnostic testing.


Awaken – 12 week program, €595

Wake up to the opportunity to become the best version of yourself!

WAKE is designed to help reboot your Inner health guru and to encourage you to take small steps towards an invigorated, energized new you.

This program is ideal for those who have had ongoing chronic health conditions and have found no resolve to the underlying cause of their health issues. Clients who normally opt for this package have issues with autoimmunity, digestive complaints, hormone imbalances, women’s health issues, chronic stress and have battled for a long time to find stability with their health. Full attention and expertise is given to these conditions and thorough investigation of nutritional research will support targeted protocols.

Included in programme
  • Initial consultation – 90 minutes
  • Follow up consultations –  2 x 1 hr
  • Online zoom sessions – 2 x 20mins
  • Supplement protocols to support monthly protocols, if necessary
  • Functional testing advice, if necessary
  • 2 x 7 day meal plans
  • Interpretation of functional testing results – this will incur an additional 25 Euro per test.
  • Lifestyle advice supported by reading materials, video links, infographics, etc…
  • The use of lifestyle and food dairy journals to keep you on track and to receive additional support throughout each month. 

First steps

Prior to your initial consultation, an in depth questionnaire will be sent out to you to be filled in to the best of your ability.  A 3 day food diary will also be requested at the same time, noting times of food/liquid consumption, snacks and indulgent treats.

This information will allow the therapist to make a head start on your case before you meet. Research of current medications and signs and symptoms will be investigated to help build your personal portfolio.

Initial Consultation

The program will begin with a face to face consultation where we will discuss your health goals, your current diet and any challenges as well as your symptoms, allergies and family medical history.

Together, we will devise a plan that is realistic and achievable within your lifestyle. The focus from this session will be to empower you to make better food choices in support of your health goals. Consideration will given to your taste preference and cooking skills. (Additional cooking skills are also available for those who do not feel confident in the kitchen) Food recommendations, recipes and visual aids will be given to help encourage and educate you about nutritional actions taking place within the body.

Supplementation may be advised to support initial changes and advise about further testing may be given to provide an even deeper understanding of certain imbalances e.g. allergy/intolerance, hormonal, digestive and thyroid/Vitamin D.

NB; Functional test costs are excluded from the package price. Functional diagnostic tests can range between €60 – €350 depending on the health complaints. 


Contact monthly

Generally held  every 4-5 weeks,  your personalized plan will be reviewed and discussed to assess intended health goals, any challenges you may be facing and any concerns you may have regarding food recommendations. If necessary, adjustments will be made to suit your lifestyle and food preferences. Advice may also be given to help reduce lifestyle stresses, rewarding yourself with essential me time . Encouragement will also be given to consider exercise activities, especially within nature to help the body relax and breath better!

Any tests results will be interpreted at this time and nutrition and lifestyle plan will continuously adapt as the clients health status improves.

Payment Terms & Conditions

Full payment for the 3 month package must be paid before the initial consultation commences.

In certain circumstances, the full payment can be paid over 3 months installments. Please ask about this during your free discovery call. 

This 3 month package should be completed within the time frame of 12-16 weeks from the initial appointment date.

The costs for functional testing is exclusive from the package price and will be requested by the lab from the initial order.



Future follow up consultations – 1hr, 95

Continuing on from the initial consultation, this allows the client and therapist to make any small adjustments and tweaks to the health plan and consider whether these are still manageable within the clients lifestyle. Any new symptoms and concerns can be discussed at this time and any test results which were previously requested can be interpreted.  Recipes, possible supplementation and recommended reading material will be given to help the client maintain focus and drive to reach their desired goals!

Appointments should be made no later than 6 weeks after an Initial Consultation or up to 8 weeks after the package mentioned above.


Aftercare package – Zoom/Telephone

The aftercare package can provide you with a scheduled telephone/Zoom call each month to help keep you motivated and confident to continue with your new healthy eating habits.


Additional Services – Prices to be discussed with the Therapist

  • Cooking workshops
  • Store cupboard essentials
  • Meal planning
  • Personal Shopping Trips to local markets/supermarkets/Asian stores

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation of appointments should be made no later than 24hrs before appointment date/time.
Cancellation outside of these hours will incur a €60 charge.