I first heard about Audrey through a friend of mine – she was my nutritional guardian angel, who appeared by magic just at the right time! My diet and eating habits were something I’d been meaning to address for a while, and by a while, I mean years…time ticked by, health issues and niggles persisted, but I just couldn’t stare the problem in the face and take action. Until Audrey came along! She takes the time to create a detailed profile of your health and habits, and more importantly, she takes time….time to listen, and time to question…without judgement. Together we embarked on a series of sessions which took a holistic approach to tackling my nutritional health. Small changes, easy recipes, altering habits…everything made sense, and everything was so do-able. Working with Audrey has transformed how I feel about food and the choices I make in my diet and lifestyle choices. If your looking for long-lasting impact and an holistic approach that blends the science of nutrition with the principles of well-being, then Audrey can be your guardian angel too!