Even though I eat quite healthy, I’ve been having acid reflux problems for a long time and I was looking for longer term help rather than the short term solutions offered to me. I heard about Audrey through the “Fabulous After Fifty” podcast. Her conversation about nutrition and how we relate to food was appealing to me and I contacted her. Since September we have been working together finding out about the possible causes for my symptoms and working on improving my diet to healing. Audrey makes sure that causes and possible solutions are understood. She shares articles, sources, information and recipes as well as always being accessible to answer questions. The outcome so far is that I have a better understanding about nutrition and what type of food is better for me and makes me feel healthy. Acid reflux is almost fully gone, and if it flares up again I have a plan of approach that will help me on the longer term. I am happy that I can again enjoy a great dish of Mexican spicy food! – Gabriela