Finding Audrey has been life-changing for our family. First for one of my daughters, who struggled for years with food intolerances that impacted her digestion, energy-levels and mental health. Then also for my second daughter, who was starting to cook for herself and wasn’t sure what she should really be making and eating. And ultimately also for myself, during a shift to vegan and in the context of my peri-menopause. We had all done extensive online research over the past decades, tried and experimented and still always felt that we didn’t grasp it all fully. With Audrey’s advise, customised for each of our situations, we all felt instantly informed, with very concrete tips on nutrition as well as supplements. Integrating the changes does take some time and checking back with Audrey is incredibly helpful. But, above all, the knowledge of ‘doing the right things’ now makes all the difference. Besides having all the knowledge, Audrey also is a natural coach, who truly listens and who gives advise in such a warm way that take worries away and give lots of confidence, not just with adults but thus also with teenagers.