As females, our bodies move through the reproductive cycle from menstruation to menopause, accompanied by hormonal changes that can be easy for some and majorly distressing and emotional for others. It is my passion as a nutritional therapist to help educate women about their hormonal health and development and explain what nutrients and essential fats are needed to support a woman as she transitions from one phase to the next. Health status in a particular stage influences our experience of the next stage!

As well as learning about biochemical processes, we will look at the impacts of our present lifestyle, sleep hygiene and exercise regimes on our hormone health and how this could contribute towards hormone fluctuations.
⦁ A light lunch will be served which will include important food groups that nourish the endocrine system. These foods will be from both plant sources as well as meat/fish.
⦁ Drinks will be supplied (herbal teas and flavoured water)
⦁ A recipe book, including lists of nutrients and reading materials will be provided 

Date – Sunday 12th May 

Time – 11.00 – 13.30

No of participants – All tickets are sold out for this event!!

Price per person – 40e (including 21% tax)